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Our goal is to provide tools to replace Word, Excel and Argus for your deal modeling, supersede LoopNet and CoStar for your MLS needs, and upgrade your old CRM. software is powerful, and it’s easy to use. I wish you the best in your endeavors.

– Jim Flaherty, Founder and CEO

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Backshop overview
How to use Backshop

Deal Tasks
Create a Deal
Find a Deal
Use Deal Dashboard
Create Executive Summary
Generate Deal Reports
Manage Workflow
Banker Page

Property Tasks
Enter a property
Find a property
Create operating statement
   Import multiple operating statements
   Create operating statement – Commercial
   Create operating statement – Multi
   Create operating statement – Hotel
Operating statement actions
Add rent roll
   Add rent roll – Commercial
   Expense reimbursements
   Add rent roll – Multi
Create stabilized cash flow
   Create stabilized cash flow – Commercial
   Create stabilized cash flow – Multi
Create stabilized cash flow – Hotel
Create multi year cash flow
   Create multi year cash flow – Commercial
   Create multi year cash flow – Multi
   Create multi year cash flow – Hotel

Loan Tasks
Size the deal
Set up note
Set up amortization

Equity Tasks
Establish borrower structure
Underwriting sources and uses

Other Tasks
Run long form ASR
Upload documents
Manage documents
Track third party reports
Establish and manage covenants
Manage conditions
Closing sources and uses