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For years I have been talking and blogging about the importance of transparency, standardization and XML in the CRE market. Well, I decided it was time to be more proactive in making these concepts a reality by creating inexpensive tools for small CRE operations and providing free tools for everyone who wants to experience the benefits of transparency.

Backshop, the leader in enterprise CRE software, has expanded its offerings to also serve smaller players and individuals. free tools and Backshop pay-per-user tools bring the power and transparent standards of the industry’s biggest operations to the CRE market as a whole.


An important part of the unified Backshop/ toolset is the industry standard XML format. All of our products — the free tools, Backshop for Professionals and Backshop for Enterprise –create deals and reports in the universal XML format. When you see the B, you can be assured the associated data is standardized and e-commerce ready.

The free site actively promotes and enables an open and transparent CMBS market by providing free tools for industry participants including CRE property owners, CMBS bond investors and CRE professionals.

• Use our Leads tool to find opportunities with CMBS loans that are either maturing, defaulted or in a specific market.

• Use our Comps tool to gather information about the CMBS market. This is especially useful when you are looking to refinance your CMBS loan.

• Use our Investor tool to track the bonds you own, monitor the loans backing your bonds and create bond- and loan-level loss scenarios to evaluate the credit quality of your bonds under various conditions.

You can easily add deals to your account by importing them from our CMBS deal database or creating a new deal in our deal wizard. As with all Backshop and tools, you have the ability to report out the deal in industry standard XML format.

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Backshop for Professionals

When you upgrade to Backshop, you can use all of the free tools plus:

• Full deal modeling using direct capitalization and discounted cash flow methods.

• Manage deal pipeline contacts.

• Expanded document storage.

• Model debt and equity returns.

• Complete and comprehensive deal reports customized with your logo in PDF and Excel formats.

• Standardized deals in the industry standard XML format.

• Access our database of all CMBS loans, and more.

Pricing is a simple $50 per user per month or $500 per year when paid annually.

We offer a 30-day free trial period.

Try our modeling capabilities and break your reliance on Excel, Word and Argus!

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Backshop for Enterprise

The original version of Backshop is relied on by some of the industry’s largest lenders and asset managers including Bank of America, Redwood Trust, US Bank, RBS, Starwood Capital Group and OneWest Bank.

Backshop for Enterprise is required by large institutions that need custom reports, unique code configurations, special system/Web integrations, self hosting with source code, third party access and flexible licensing terms.

In addition to elevating your operation to a more efficient, profitable standard, Backshop for Enterprise provides a path for your institution to solve the XML reporting requirements coming from the regulators. When you report your deals in the universal XML format, you can be assured the associated data is standardized and e-commerce ready.

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I am very excited to bring this complete tool set to the CRE industry as a way speed universal adoption of smart standards. The stronger the market is, the better for everyone.

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Jim Flaherty is CEO of and the creator of the Backshop loan origination system. He is a trained credit professional with experience installing enterprise underwriting systems for commercial real estate lenders, rating agencies and investors.

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