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Our goal is to provide modern tools to bring your CRE deals online for frictionless transactions. Your account comes with a deal underwriting and modeling tool that creates great looking and data rich deal reports that are easily shared with your deal counterparties. We specialize in connecting existing CMBS borrowers with their servicers for quarterly reporting and will be enhancing our CMBS specific offerings in the coming months. software is powerful, and it’s easy to use. I wish you the best in your endeavors.

– Jim Flaherty, Founder and CEO

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After you’ve been using our software for a while, you’ll come up with methods that work best for you. When you start, we suggest following these steps:


An overview of our software

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Direct (stabilized) cash flow

Discounted (multi year) cash flow

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Set up amortization

Establish borrower structure

Underwriting sources and uses

Run long form ASR

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