What a Week to be in San Francisco

This week is one of my favorites. The Blue Angels are coming to town, and the weather is looking nice. The Blue Angels fly starting on Thursday through Sunday. We will be on the boat later this week and will post some cool pics as we get them.

Speaking of cool pics, the Maltese Falcon arrived in San Francisco last week. Owned by Tom Perkins, the Maltese Falcon is the largest private sailing vessel in the world, and it is impressive to say the least: www.symaltesefalcon.com. From what I understand, it can be yours for $190 million (anyone have that left?).

Back to business. We are spending a lot of time with clients integrating CMBS IRP data into Backshop so they can tie the property level underwritings out to the bonds. DBRS has been leading the charge — and it is very cool to see this coming together and others taking notice. The “Holy Grail” as it has been called.

We are also jamming with existing clients and working on launching the new “Public” site. I’ll make a prediction next week on at least the launch month. …

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